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Nurse Clinics/Special Appointments

Child Vaccination Advice

By appointment. Click here for more information.

VACCINATION SCHEDULE (all available NHS vaccinations per age group/eligibility)

Vaccination Schedule

NHS Health Checks

By appointment - clinic held every Monday.

What is an NHS Health Check?

The NHS Health Check is a health check-up for adults in England aged 40-74. It's designed to spot early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes or dementia. As we get older, we have a higher risk of developing one of these conditions. An NHS Health Check helps find ways to lower this risk.

How do I get an NHS Health Check?

If you're in the 40-74 age group without a pre-existing condition, you can expect to receive a letter from your GP or local authority inviting you for a free NHS Health Check every five years. In the meantime, there are other ways of getting your health checked, and you may want to try this online Heart Age test.

How can I improve my test results?

Once you've had your NHS Health Check, your healthcare professional will discuss your results with you. You'll be given advice to help you lower your risk of a stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes or dementia, and maintain or improve your health. But you don't have to wait until then to make healthy changes. Take the How Are You quiz and start now with these health apps and trackers.

New Patient Checks

All new patients are requested to have an assessment of their needs for medical services when they join the practice.

Diabetic Clinics

By appointment.

Asthma Clincs

By appointment.


Our Nurse runs a cryotherpay clinic on the 2nd Tuesday of the month (effective October 2018). Appointments are only available through referral from a GP (so you must of seen a GP 1st).

Click here for our leaflet relating to who can have this treatment, for what & for how long.

Stop Smoking Clinics

We offer a Stop Smoking service within the surgery, by appointment. If you would like help to stop smoking please book an appointment with one of our Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant

Or you can contact the Quit 51 Stop Smoking Service :

via the Quit51 website http://www.quit51.co.uk/

call Quit51 on 0800 622 6968

text smokefree to 66777

OR call Solihull Connect on 0121 704 6000

Cervical Cytology

By appointment.

Travel Clinics

We offer a full range of inoculations for travel abroad. Most inoculations are free on the NHS. WE DO CHARGE, however, for inoculations not available on the NHS, for cholera certificates and private prescriptions. It is essential to organise inoculations for planned trips as early as possible.

We are NOT a Yellow Fever centre however, so if your travel plans require vaccination against Yellow Fever you will need to attend a recognised centre (http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Yellow-fever/Pages/Prevention.aspx)

Influenza Vaccinations

In accordance with the Department of Health guidelines, we recommend an influenza vaccine for the elderly and patients with chronic heart, lung or kidney disease, diabetics and residents of nursing and rest homes. The vaccination is available from October. Please ask at reception for more information..Vaccination Schedule

Self Referral to Physiotherapy:

Please click here for the self referral to physiotherapy form.

A GP referral is still required for the following patients/conditions : Any patient that has a Neurological condition, Respiratory condition, Incontinence/Gynaecological Problem, anyone under the age of 18, all patients requiring a home visit and all pregnancy related conditions.

Patients Over 75

Patients in this age group are entitled to an annual health check with one of the practice nurses. Please ask at reception if you would like to make an appointment

Other Services

Medical Examinations/Insurance reports etc:

We can perform medical examinations for insurance, employment, HGV, racing drivers, diving etc., though they are not within the remit of the NHS and therefore chargeable. We will also consider requests for travel insurance claims, statements of health (relating to parachute jumps for example) & others.

These are also not within the remit of the NHS & will also attract a fee.

Please ask at reception if you require an appointment and the current fee.

Please note there is a waiting time of up to 6 weeks for appointments for medicals.

We require associated paperwork for any request for a medical examination before we can book an appointment

We will take your details and ask someone to contact you regarding your request. As the items listed above (& this list is not exhaustive) are not NHS services, they cannot be done on demand. Please allow a minimum of 7 working days for your request to be actioned (& if a medical examination is needed, the time scale will be longer)

Minor Surgery

All the doctors are registered to undertake minor surgical procedures. Dr Lim runs a minor surgery clinic most Wednesday mornings subject to availability. Attendance at this clinic is based on internal referrals from other GPs or Dr Lim herself. You will need to have seen a GP recently about such a referral in order to be booked into this clinic.

Post Operative Wound Care

For patients who have had a surgical procedure as part of an NHS pathway (i.e. at an NHS Hospital, or part of an NHS 'Choose & Book'/'E-referral' procedure carried out at a private Hospital), our Practice Nurses will be happy to see patients to dress wounds, remove clips, remove sutures etc.

If surgery is provided privately the provider of the surgery is responsible for the post-operative care. This is in line with both Department of Health guidance and the core GMS contract for GP surgeries. If your procedure was carried out at a private Hospital then will we expect your post operative care to be carried out by that hospital. This is in accordance with good clinical practice and good industry practice.


All the doctors see patients by appointment. The midwife also has a clinic on Thursdays at 1.00pm.

Child Health Surveillance

Drs Davenport, Reid, Markham, Lim and Mahmood provide this service in conjunction with the health visitor.

Family Planning

The doctors and practice nurse offer a full range of family planning services including the fitting of coils. You must have been assessed by one of our GPs before being booked in for a coil or implant and there is usually a waiting list of up to 6 weeks for fitting.

Other Primary Care Services

Details of other primary care services available in the area may be obtained from:

BSOL NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, Friars Gate, 1011 Stratford Road, Solihull, West Midlands B90 4BN


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